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[18172] College
 - This whole college process is so hard. First, I'm so scared. What if i don't get in anywhere and it fucking sucks so much like the only friend i really care about is slipping away from me and my biggest fear for college is being alone. I mean i know it's bound to happen but I'm just so fucking scared i don't want to be alone and I want to have c...

4 hours 52 minutes 31 seconds ago
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[18171] FUCK IT
 - Fuck it. Every time. It happens. And thats why, you just say fuck it all. Im giving up on people. Im all about me now you cant trust people. Everyone is in it for themselves. Me? Im no saint. Ive fucked around more then my fair share of people. Ive been an utter piece of shit on more then one occasion.And it just goes to prove my point FUCK P...

5 hours 45 minutes 16 seconds ago
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[18170] I wish I was with God
 - It often times feel as if life is not worth living. I continue to feel worthless, stupid, unwanted, unsuccessful, imperfect. The pain my father has brought upon me, emotionally, is indescribable. I cant stand to live with someone so untrustworthy, so unfaithful. I feel like Im stuck and never getting out. I can't take the pain of crying daily fo...

6 hours 27 minutes 46 seconds ago
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[18169] Anxiety is Killing me.. literally
 - For years and years I have suffered from anxiety due to a messed up family, school, stress, etc. I am a senior in high school and tonight is senior night. I am a licensed driver and my dad refuses to let me drive because he's "not comfortable" thing is, if you know my dad, he's held me back from success for so many years and refuses me...

6 hours 34 minutes 10 seconds ago
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[18164] Disappointed.
 - It kinda sucks when you know that you can never be right. You'll always be in a disadvantage. Yeah that's what's going on with me and my crush. My math teacher who's 20 years older than me. Recently he somehow let me down by refusing to help me. The thing is he helped me once already (he gave me this file to work on) but somehow I lost it (I cou...

12 hours 42 minutes 10 seconds ago
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[18161] going to take advantage of this
 - On my first day of maternity leave,(short term disability) threw my company's insurance but as soon as it ends I'm quitting this damn job. Can't stand my supervisors and these ratchet customers. The company created these ratchet customers. I'm going to enjoy this time off with my man and our son. And if my supervisor tries to contact me I'm not ...

15 hours 8 minutes 26 seconds ago
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[18160] techsurion@home
 - Today was the last friggin day of about 3yrs of hell and stress from dealing with people that don't know how to use the basic buttons on their TV set to my annoying supervisor. All the troubleshooting the company provides us is bullshit. All the rules,and ways to calm a person down is bullshit. Irate, angry people will not calm down unless you g...

15 hours 24 minutes 39 seconds ago
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[18158] DAMN EBOLA
 - Bloody Africans

18 hours 20 minutes 45 seconds ago
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[18152] F*ck this guy
 - I'm starting to think he's a jerk. An insecure- conceited -at - the -same time JERK! No, I don't trust you, jackass! Seems like your playing jokes on me. Waisting my time. You're really not that special. There's other guys I can speak to besides you. I never thought I'd say these things about you but you earned it! No, I'm not saying that you ca...

23 hours 33 minutes 36 seconds ago
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