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[48913] Im Obsessed So What
 - Im 16 and i love guys that are 35+ i know its against the law but thats all i talk to im never ganna be ashamed for it it makes me happy and a lot of wet but thats a different rant i cant understand why people wont just let me be im me and thats how i want to be and thats what ill do i love them my first was 50 i just dont see why the stupid wor...

45 minutes 30 seconds ago
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[48912] Seriously
 - You seriously block me? We haven't talked in months, I haven;t bothered you except to ASK YOU FOR MONEY YOU OWE ME YOU THEIVING LITTLE COW. And you and your little cunt of a friend block me? Like seriously? I love how because I am friends with a bunch of your friends, I show up on your feed, being tagged by them and tagging them in shit. Like fo...

1 hour 20 minutes 14 seconds ago
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[48911] Memories
 - So 2 years ago I was in a relationship and it was scary and fucked up and I lost my virginity to this guy. I was 14, heavily drunk, barely remember what happened and I was just lying there motionless. He was 18. After I finally dumped him, after her became verbally abusive and I realised it, he stalked me for a while and I developed anxiety and ...

1 hour 27 minutes 22 seconds ago
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 - God damn it, you're supposed to yield to pedestrians! So there I am, making my way through the town on my bike, about to cross the road. I see that a car is coming, but it's okay because there's a "Yield to Pedestrians" sign, and the car looks like it's slowing down anyway. I cross the road, and some soccer mom rolls down her window fr...

2 hours 18 minutes 6 seconds ago
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[48904] What is wrong with you
 - S you are such a terrible person. Your such a shallow bitch who only cares about yourself. You always change the way you act with different people and will only open up to people who will constantly entertain you with other bitchy shit. You're always saying how much you miss being in 5th grade and how it sucks so much now that all your elementar...

3 hours 14 minutes 30 seconds ago
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[48903] DAB FREE ZONE!!
 - Is anyone as sick of this dabbing crap as I am? I teach middle school and high school and I it looks like half the boys are having convulsions every ten seconds. Do they realize how stupid they look? And who in the world with even a small speck of a brain would copy something Cam newton does? I notice that it's mostly the wannabe "thug&q...

4 hours 9 minutes 59 seconds ago
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[48901] What kind of God
 - Why do they always talk about God in everything. My mom's having a hard time and all she says is she needs to get closer to God and cry out to him! Why should she do that when he is a God that is so set on sending the majority of people on this planet to hell! She's been crying out since she was ten and nothing ever happened. We have no money, b...

4 hours 26 minutes 44 seconds ago
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[48892] Why?
 - This is what I live through everyday. Having this constant internal conflict about my opinion on my stepsisters and living in constant guilt over my existence. I've had enough though. I won't live while lying to myself. I always say that but catch myself lying... To myself. I can't face me. It's the first time I'm feeling such anger and intolera...

6 hours 36 minutes 18 seconds ago
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[48891] Hey J and D, both of you go fuck yourself
 - Wow. just wow. I'm simply trying to do my job of reaching out to new business. I speak with one guy at some big company, who's job it is to field my phone call and consider the offer for the product I'm selling. He says, meh, I don't really think we need that (which basically means what my company offers would put him out of a job). So naturally...

9 hours 21 minutes 4 seconds ago
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[48890] change
 - Okay, omygod you said you wanted to change. You wanted to be a better person for your friends and for yourself. You wanted to rectify your mistakes back then. I'll admit, I respect that. Change is not necessarily bad, and if you're doing it for yourself, it's even better. The thing is, have you actually even tried? Have you actually listened ...

12 hours 9 minutes 29 seconds ago
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